September 08, 2023


Tours at the Cincinnati Taproom 


The Cincinnati Production Brewery has become one of two main production breweries for Samuel Adams beers, and we’re excited to share the process with you. Four tour experiences have been carefully and individually crafted by our very own brewers and ambassadors to give you the most exceptional and memorable brewery adventures.  

Now available for booking, our guided experiences are truly one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anywhere else. Wondering which experience is the best for your trip to the brewery? Let’s take a deep dive into each experience to check out what they offer: 


Production Brewery Tour: This tour is the ultimate immersive experience in our tour program, starting at our Cincinnati Taproom and lasting about 2 hours. Throughout the tour, you will get to see the inner workings of our Boston Beer Company production brewery, which we’ve called home since 1997. Our Sr. Assistant Brewing Manager John Piening worked at the Cincinnati Brewery for 26 years and is the one who started it all.  


DSC_5743Over the course of his career, John gave many tours to new hires, visiting co-workers, vendors, and other special guests. When asked about this tour, John said, “when I retired in early 2022, I told Jim Koch that I didn’t want to completely lose my connection with the brewery and people. He asked if I would be open to giving public tours run out of our Taproom; something that was never offered previously. This was a great way to stay involved with the brewery where I grew up. 

Most of my time was spent in Brewing and Quality. In the early years when it was a family-owned brewery, we were expected to wear many hats. This exposed me to all aspects of the operation. I got to see the brewery evolve and expand. 

I love sharing my passion and knowledge of beer, brewing and specifically this brewery, this neighborhood and Cincinnati brewing history in general.” 

Included in our Production Brewery Tour: 

  • 2-hour Production Brewery Tour 

  • Seasonal style sample 

  • Tasting flight  



Taproom Brewhouse Tour and Utopias Tasting: Utopias. One of the world’s most sought after and extreme beers. At 28%, this boundary-bending, barrel-aged beer blurs the line between beer and fine spirit, and its reputation puts it on every beer drinker’s bucket-list.  DSC_6011


Our Taproom Coordinator, Matt Stokes, agrees that the “Utopias Tasting and Tour is one of the most premier experiences in all of craft beer. I consider it a great responsibility to give our fans the opportunity to try something they've waited so long to try, or to re-create the magic from their first Utopias experience. So much work and time goes into producing it, to be at the finish line of it all is a special place. What I love most about our Utopias Tour and Tasting is how it brings a small group of like-minded strangers together for one purpose, and the comradery that is built from sharing it together. Welcome to the club!”  


Get yourself a taste of this elusive liquid and enjoy a completely unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Included in this tour and tasting: 

  • R&D brewhouse tour 

  • 21 Cellar barrel aging room tour 

  • 2015 Utopia sample  

  • Exclusive taproom flight 



Taproom Brewhouse and Barrel Room Tour and Tasting: Here at Samuel Adams, we've always been attracted to the mysteries of taming barrels for beer production and our Brewer Chris certainly knows his way around one.  

DSC_5944When creating the Taproom, Brewhouse, and Barrel Room Tour, we wanted to “highlight our extremely rare barrel aged offerings, and also tell the story about how and why we started barrel aging in the 90's. While our Utopias tasting and tour is about as high end of an experience as you can get for a tasting, this tour gives you a similar experience with a respectable price tag.” Matt’s favorite part of the tour is getting a chance to "romance" the Taproom’s exclusive brews by sharing the inspirations for their creation, while peppering in knowledge he's picked up along the way in his beer career. 


Included in the Taproom Brewhouse and Barrel Room Tour and Tasting: 

  • R&D brewhouse tour 

  • Production brewery barrel aging room tour 

  • Exclusive taproom flight 

  • Barrel-aged style sample 



Popcorn and Beer Tasting: We've teamed up with Al's Delicious Popcorn located in OTR to curate a beer and popcorn flight that will excite your mind and your taste buds!


For this guided tasting, we dive deep into food and beer pairing best practices and explore how this creative snack complements our beers. Al’s Delicious Popcorn has over 65 flavors so we can constantly rotate the featured popcorns. “It’s all about experimentation, which is hallmark to what we do in the taproom,” as Matt puts it. 

Included in the Popcorn and Beer Tasting: 

  • Optional R&D brewhouse tour 

  • Four 5oz tasters of beer 

  • Six popcorn pairing samples 



With so many different experiences to choose from, there is something at the Sam Adams Cincinnati Taproom for everyone. Whether you’re a beer beginner or self-proclaimed expert, we have something that you are sure to enjoy. Come on down and begin your new brewery adventure with us!  

Get tickets to one of our tour experiences—cheers! 


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